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Welcome to the Back 40


The Back 40

The Back 40 is our lounge area and is named for the 40 tap beer lines. The Blue Moose is proud to have the most unique selection of tap beers in the area.

Embark on your beer quest by joining our Back 40 Beer Club and pique your pilsner palate personally. (We have other styles of beer as well.)

You will earn several milestone recognition along the way and gain our barstaff as friends.

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Moose Caboose     7

Raspberry Smimoff, raspberry rum, raspberry purée, lime, soda, basil, rocks

1919 Bulldog     8
Vanilla Smimoff, coffee liqueur, 1919 Root Beer, cream, rocks

Champagne Supernova     9
Citrus vodka, elderflower liqueur, sparkling wine, citrus, rocks

Minnesota Tidal Wave     8
Rum, coconut rum, Blue Curaçao, coconut purée, pineapple juice, maraschino cherries, rocks

Watermelon Collins     8
Far North Gustaf Navy Strength Gin, watermelon purée, passionfruit syrup, lime, bitters, soda, basil, rocks

Raz-Ma-Taz     7
Raspberry rum, raspberry & peach purée, lime, blended

Bourbon Smash     10
Bourbon whiskey, Cointreau, raspberry purée, citrus, basil, rocks

Old is New     12
Bourbon, smoked black cherry syrup, maple syrup, cara-cara balsamic, bitters, orange twist, Filthy black cherries, rocks OR try it with Bulleit Rye or Tapatio Reposado

Hickory Honey Lemonade     9
Irish Whiskey, peach liqueur, citrus, hickory honey syrup, lemongrass mint, white balsamic, rocks

Blue Moose Bloodies     8
Bacon jalapeño or habañero infused vodka, house seasoning & spices, mixed with choice of clamato or tomato juice, rocks

Mango Michelada     9
22oz Golden Road Mango Cart Wheat, clamato, bloody seasonings, splash of Valentina

PLEASANT COMPANY Pleasant Company     14

*Limited Availability

100% Blue Agave tequila, Frangelico, smoked black cherry syrup, maple syrup, cara-cara balsamic, chocolate bitters, cherry wood smoked, rocks


Salted Caramel Martini     10
Vanilla Smimoff, RumChata, butterscotch schnapps, caramel, salt

Cucumber Lavender Martini     10
Hendricks Gin, cucumber juice, brown sugar lavender syrup, citrus, cucumber, raspberry

Gin & The Giant Peach Martini     10
Far North Solveig Anna's Garden Gin, peach liqueur, peach purée, Sicilian lemon, white balsamic, Peychaud's bitters, basil

Queens Gambit Martini     10
Crown Royal, Cointreau, raspberry purée, lavender-brown sugar syrup

Moosey Mule     8
Vodka, cranberry, ginger beer, lime, rocks

Huckleberry Mule     8
Huckleberry vodka, ginger beer, lime, rocks

Irish Mule     8
Irish whiskey, ginger beer, lime, rocks

London Grapefruit Mule     8
Tanqueray London Dry Gin, grapefruit juice, ginger beer, lime, rocks

Racetrack Mule     9
Far North Bodalen Bourbon, filthy cherry syrup, ginger beer, lime, rocks

Dark & Stormy     8
Dark spiced rum, ginger beer, lime, rocks


Cucumber Collins     6    
Cucumber, brown sugar lavender syrup, lemonade, Sierra Mist, rocks

Watermelon Sugar     6
Watermelon purée, lemonade, lime juice, agave syrup, rocks

Starburst Spritz     6
Raspberry & peach purée, club soda, rocks

Sweet as Honey Lemonade     6
Hickory honey, lemonade, lemongrass mint, rocks

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